How to Manage Your Customer Credit Applications with Nectarine Credit


Empower your entire organization to do their best credit decisions

At Nectarine Credit we allow you to create a credit application that you can then send to an unlimited number of customers. In this post, we walk you through that process on our platform using the following steps:

  • From Nectarine Credit's home page, click on "Get Started" if you're new to our platform. If you're a returning user, click on "Login" from the menu on the top of our home page. Nectarine Credit is free to get started for Sellers, and always free for Buyers and Vendors.
  • As a new user on our platform, you'll need to create a profile. We keep all of your information confidential and all data is encrypted and secure. We need this information for the credit applications that you'll be sending to your customers. These applications are legally binding.
  • After you've completed setting up your profile, you'll see the main Nectarine Credit dashboard. If you've been here before, your customer dashboard will soon start to look like the image below as you continue to add more and more customers.

Main customer dashboard

  • If this is your first time logging into Nectarine Credit, this dashboard will be blank without any customers. Click on the Credit Application button in the left menu to create your credit application.
  • From the Credit Application tab, you'll see three tabs in the middle of the screen: Customer Information, Customizable Fields and Credit Terms. The Credit Application page will look like the image below.

Credit application's 'Customer Information' tab

  • In the first tab, called Customer Information, you'll see the main body of the application. All of these fields are required for all credit applications. The fields include Company Name, Address, the Owners, Vendor References and Bank Details, etc. You can add additional vendors if your company requires that by clicking on +Add New Vendor most of the way down the Credit Application page.
  • In the second tab, called Customizable Fields, you can add additional fields to your credit application, depending upon which plan you have with Nectarine Credit. For example, you can have your customers upload tax exempt forms, add their Federal Tax ID or EIN, their Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S number etc. We've included three default fields for you to use. These can be edited and changed to suit your needs. See the image below.

Credit application's 'Customizable Fields' tab

  • In the third tab, called Credit Terms, you can edit our boilerplate terms that we've included for you, or delete ours and add your own. Just use the "Edit" button to make any changes to the actual Credit Terms. See the image below.

Credit application's 'Credit Terms' tab

  • Once you've completed and finalized your Credit Application, go back to the main dashboard by clicking on "Customers" in the left menu. Then click the "+ New Customer" button on the right. In the pop-up, add your customer's name, email address, phone number and company name. Then hit "Send." This will then send out your application to your customer. Then click the "+ New Customer" button again to add more customers. See the image below.

  • Once your customers have completed the application, they will send it back for you to approve or reject their application and set the credit terms and their credit line. When they are still filling out the form it will show as "Sent" in the status column. You will need to review the completed applications that say "Pending Approval" in the status column. Click on one of those customers.
  • You can review the customer application once it's open on your screen. Here you can see the signed credit agreement, their financial health, and vendor references and comments about their payment history. Then click on "Edit Credit Details." Here you can set their credit limit, the actual terms you're going to give them, and then approve them. You can also deny them credit or request changes. See the image below.

Here click on 'Edit Credit Details' to set terms for customers

  • Finally, go back to the "Customers" menu item on the left and continue adding more customers as needed by clicking on the "+ New Customer" button.