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Manufacturers and Distributors Can Reduce Their Credit Approval Time By 10X
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Reduce Credit Risk With Automated Vendor Reference Checks

Reduce delinquencies and defaults by checking customer payment history and having current vendors update you on payment timeliness

Reduce Credit Approval Time With Digital Credit Applications

Manage all your credit applications in one easy-to-use dashboard so you quickly can verify customers, customize your terms of sale and approve or deny credit terms

Bank Account Verifications in Seconds, not Days

Securely verify bank accounts, get 6-month historical bank balance and cash flow reports to reduce the risk of late or delinquent payments. In seconds, not days, and certainly not weeks.

Simple Pricing

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($900 annually)
($1,128 annually)
Up to 25 credit applications per month
4 vendor references per customer
25 bank account verifications per month (additional fee)
Up to 10 customizable fields
Most popular


($1,548 annually)
($1,932 annually)
Up to 50 credit applications per month
6 vendor references per customer
50 bank account verifications per month (additional fee)
Up to 10 customizable fields


($2,388 annually)
($2,988 annually)
Up to 150 credit applications per month
8 vendor references per customer
150 bank account verifications per month (additional fee)
Unlimited customizable Fields

All Plans Include

Credit Management Dashboard
Manage Credit Approval
Customizable Credit Terms
Legally Binding Electronic Signature
Email and Chat Support
Multiple User Options
Continuous Customer Monitoring
Continuous Vendor Monitoring
Secure Bank Verification Option

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Saves Time

Lowers Costs

Gives You Control of Your Credit

We used to send out 40 or 50 PDF credit applications each month. With Nectarine Credit, we've digitized our entire credit process. It's super easy.

Susan, Food and Beverage Industry

Nectarine Credit is a huge time saver. And time is money. We now get automated vendor references and bank verifications. And we have instant access to credit bureau reports.

Leila, Plastics and Packaging Industry

Nectarine Credit helps our cashflow because their software helps us approve credit faster. Everything is automated, simple and easy-to-use.

James, Specialty Chemicals and Additives

For Buyers, Never fill out a credit application again

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How secure is Nectarine Credit’s credit application management platform?

Nectarine Credit’s top priority is data security and protection. Nectarine Credit maintains the highest standards of data security, protecting via secure cryptography and enterprise grade SSL. We also regularly perform internal and third-party security audits and do routine vulnerability checks. Our partners use the same security safeguards as major financial institutions, banks and credit card companies. They utilize best-in-class encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication and machine learning security processes.

Why should we use a digital platform to manage my customer credit applications?

Managing your customer credit applications on Nectarine Credit’s platform saves you time and money. First, Nectarine Credit is free to get started, so there’s no risk to you. Second, with Nectarine Credit you can keep a digital record of your customers and continually monitor their creditworthiness. For more reasons, click here.

How will Nectarine Credit get our customers to sign our credit applications if you don’t use paper applications?

Traditionally credit applications were completed and signed on paper, but today all credit applications are signed and managed on secure digital systems like Nectarine Credit. In 2000, the U.S. Congress passed the ESIGN Act, which states that electronic signatures are equivalent to paper signatures, and are subject to the same legal scrutiny of authenticity that applies to paper documents. So the answer is yes, electronic signatures on digital credit applications are legally binding in almost every country in the world, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the European Union. Read more here.

What if we need to update our credit terms for our customers?

No problem. Nectarine Credit allows you to update your credit terms and conditions of sale -- and your application at any time. All of our plans allow you to add customizable fields to give you more flexibility.

What if we need to have a current customer fill out a new credit application?

No problem. Nectarine Credit allows you to send out a new credit application with new updated terms and conditions. But more importantly our platform allows you to continuously monitor your customers' creditworthiness via bank verifications and vendor references. It pays to do periodic credit reviews, especially on existing customers.

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