Helping Companies
Manage Customer
Credit Applications

Use Case

Nectarine Credit was built to solve the cumbersome credit application process. We've digitized a process that was old and inefficient.

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, supplier or broker, you can use Nectarine Credit to manage the entire customer credit application process.

Our Story is Your Story

Serial entrepreneur Alex Armitage recognized that technology could solve the slow and inefficient process of managing business credit applications. It all started in Victoria Canada, but we have customers all over the world.

Companies came to us and told us they needed a simple and secure digital credit application system, one that would forever solve their headaches with paper applications. So we did that -- and so much more. Our team built a system from the ground up with your guidance.


Easy to Use

Manage all of your credit applications in one easy-to-use dashboard. You will know your customers inside and out before their first order. We bring new meaning to a Know Your Customer (KYC) Check.

Vendor References.

You won’t ever have to wait for vendors to fax you back the payment history of your customer. Our system is automated and solves this problem.

Bank Account Verification.

We are connected to more than 10,000 banks. That way you can securely verify customer bank accounts, and get 6-month historical bank balance and cash flow reports -- all in a matter of seconds.

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